What is SERIF?

SERIF is one of the earliest fonts known to mankind; an original typeface that is believed to be carved on stones during Roman days. Since decades, it is being used to neaten the writing and today, Serif is one of the widely used fonts for body text for various mediums like books, newspapers and magazines.

To be precise, Serif is the basis to all the other typefaces and is a fundamental font that is old school & classic yet can be integrated and used to craft new & varied fonts.

Why we choose SERIFF!

The concept behind SERIF as a font reflects the philosophy that we as a team reckon. We believe in finding, testing and inventing newer avenues but with our roots and traditional understanding of concepts in tow. We are seekers who are always eager to learn and implement contemporary designs that branch out from traditional ways, thus offering a dynamic platform.

SERIFF is an multidisciplinary graphic design studio that offers compelling, progressive and
unparalleled design solutions.
We have a diversified clientele that gives us an opportunity to deliver for print as well as new media.
To complement the journey from SERIF to SERIFF, we further substantiate our work with exclusive compositions,
colours and typography, along with branding our web applications to offer top-notch work.

Vision & Values





SERIFF envisions the coming years to be graphically revolutionizing, where cultivated designs interpret human stories and perspectives with finesse. Be it the cutting-edge technology or the creative understanding of each design's configuration, we endeavour to provide unparalleled and personalized design compositions to our clients.


The mission of SERIFF is to offer design ideas that are very avant-garde yet stem from years of experience and know-how of the industry. It is essential for us to be constantly innovative, expressive and ingenious. The focus is to maintain an approach that includes finest design solutions to the respective brands, one that is nonpareil and top notch.


SERIFF believes in tapping the true essence, understanding the significance and adding substantial value to the projects we undertake. Each client brings along their individual goals and aspirations that we translate into our concepts and designs, therefore enabling us to cater to the long-term needs of the brand.

SERIFF maintains the philosophy of creating a careful amalgamation of intricate detailing and elaborate design sense, in order to demonstrate the each project with uniqueness.

Who We Are :

We are ; designers, dreamers, managers, illustrators, artists, creators, doers, believers, enthusiasts and inspired professionals

Vandani Goel Vohra

Founder & Creative Director, is a designer by heart, entrepreneur in mind and can be often found putting her quirky crafty ideas to good use, thus balancing the beauty of creativity and commerce. She has completed her Masters in Design Management and studied Graphic Designing, in order to create a unique platform to develop and sustain a dynamic environment. With four years of experience in design and management, Vandani is and all set to encompass SERIFF with state-of-the art features, in order to ensure an effective and efficient delivery of services.

The expertise of our dedicated team brings together a balance of competent management and impressive design, creating a unique platform for SERIFF to outdo itself with each project.